Sensei Seasonal Sale! — Only $49!

ATTENTION: CarbonNation™

A Note from Soda Sense Systems Administrator “Ken”, age 74:

The Future is Here Today “@” Soda Sense!

As our copywriter is currently unavailable, Soda Sense Management has taken the bold step of re-programming our very own mainframe computer, “Big Bubble”, to reverse-engineer his unique writing style, and handle all of our promotional marketing going forward.

Get Onboard this Information Super-Highway!

Clever Ideas like these will save Soda Sense money—and in turn we’ll pass the savings along to you in exciting future promotions like our forthcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Events.

Be Future Shocked!

So, get ready to “dial up” the “Cyber Savings” on “The World Wide Web” with the lowest prices we’ve ever offered

The Soda Sensei Seasonal Sale!


*Shipping always included

Now the best soda machine is also the most affordable at a price so low it’s (almost) like we’re giving it away!

Price Includes:

  • Soda Sensei home soda machine
  • 1 polycarbonate bottle & cap
  • 1 60L CO2 canister

Everything you need to enjoy Endless Bubbles!

Read The Big Bubble Saga:

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Episode Six

Sensei Libations in

The Carbonarium

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