Get the Ultimate Treat for Halloween! (No tricks)


Our apologies. Did we frighten you? Please forgive us, we do not often receive visitors here at The Soda Sense Factory. Please, please, come in. We have prepared a special… treat… just for you.

Behold our Sensational Soda Sensei!

Already the best soda machine in the universe, it is now also the most affordable at the truly Spook-tacular price of only $49! 

That’s $80 off the original price of $129—that’s BOO-coup Bucks! 

That includes the machine, one polycarbonate bottle with cap, and a full 60L CO2 Canister—everything you need to help ensure that you’ll be Goblin’ enchanting beverages… FOREVER! 

I beg your pardon, where were we? 

They Called Us Mad?

Ah, yes!—the FOOLS! They called us mad—MAD!—for offering our creation at such an otherworldly discount! That a monster sale like this—only $49 for the magnificent Soda Sensei soda machine—is not meant for the eyes of mortal men! 

But We’ll Show Them.

That’s right—WE’LL SHOW THE WORLD!—that this amazing sale is just our way of welcoming you in as a beloved member of our CarbonNation™!

Give Your Creations LIFE!

The magic wand of the Soda Sensei can animate even the most lifeless beverages with bewitching bubbles, and give thrilling new life to every spirit in your house—gin, vodka, whiskies, liqueurs plus milk, coffee, pudding—EVEN WATER!

Thrills: Chilled.

Enjoy experimenting with the Soda Sensei in your own lab to see what delicious potions you can invent. And when Trick or Treaters—or villagers armed with pitchforks and torches—show up at your door on October 31st, you can give them a wicked-cool experience they’ll never forget.

Seriously, you’d have to be BATS to turn down a deal like this.

Join Us… 

Carbonating is better this way, you’ll see. Click a button to be magically transported to the realm of The Soda Sensei, and master the bubbles for yourself!

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