Happy National Milk Day Week from America’s Dairyland!

Photo: "Bessie" courtesy of Steffens Dairy Farm, LLC, Seymour, Wisconsin.

National Milk Day (celebrated for the entire second week of January here in Wisconsin) was established to honor that momentous day in 1878 when the first milk deliveries in glass bottles began in the United States. After decades of inefficiently carrying milk from place to place in everything from wax paper bags to closely cupped hands to inside the bodies of living cows, the innovation of using glass bottles heralded a new era in home delivery of delicious beverages.

As the new standard-bearer of fast, easy and convenient home delivery of bottles with great stuff in them, Soda Sense is proud to honor the heroes of National Milk Day with two scrumptious new additions to The Carbonarium featuring Wisconsin’s pride—delicious and healthful cow milk. Both can be enjoyed with or without the addition of rum and can be proudly served at any hour of the day.

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