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Throughout history, American Presidents have often been tagged with colorful nicknames by friend and foe alike. In the past couple of decades, bartenders craft cocktail mixologists have coined many elaborate and evocative titles for their signature artisanal, hand-crafted, locally sourced, vegan, free-range, gluten-free and we forgot what we were talking about.

Each of the names listed below is either an authentic American President’s nickname or the name of an actual hipster cocktail you can create with the Soda Sensei—or both. Can you guess which is which?

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Nailed It!

Actual presidential nickname of James Monroe, for his scandalous love affair with his tricorn hat, “Silky”. Monroe’s congressional enemies eventually passed legislation banning any man from ever again engaging in an unholy union with any hat, no matter how alluring.

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Actual presidential nickname of John Quincy Adams, a silver-tongued devil renowned for his poetic turns of phrase and naughty limericks.

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Actual presidential nickname of Grover Cleveland. Also the name of a vodka made from a distillation of fermented corn which is then filtered through an oaken whisky barrel containingGrover Cleveland’s mummified toe.

Right On!

Serve in a Flute and don't forget to garnish with some
Shaved Ginger.... YUM! 

Surf on over to this page and get the "official" recipe.


Add all of the ingredients to a stirring vessel and then fill with ice. Stir with a bar spoon until chilled and strain into cocktail glass.

Surf on over to this page and get the "official" recipe.


Add all ingredients in glass. Add ice and garnish.

Surf on over to this page and get the "official" recipe.


Actual presidential nickname of U.S. Grant for his preference for drenching himself in the intoxicating perfume of the same name before attempting to ensnare legislators with its heady charms.


Actual presidential nickname of Andrew Johnson for being a tailor’s apprentice who stumbled into the highest office in the land after Lincoln was assassinated despite being, as numerous historians have variously attested, mean, crude, stubborn, politically inept, with a primitive understanding of the constitution and an enormous sense of self-importance back in a more innocent time when these qualities were viewed as fatal character flaws.

The End!

Actual presidential nickname of Franklin Delano Roosevelt due to his penchant for secrecy AND also the name of a classic, gin-based cocktail traditionally enjoyed in four rounds of equal size, sipped through a thin, aristocratic cigarette holder and concluded by having your nose shot off by Napoleon’s army.

You Good!

Actual presidential nickname of Thomas Jefferson, a sobriquet he assigned to himself for knowing everything there was to know about Monticello, the Virginia house he built for himself. Jefferson developed a reputation for cornering people at parties to bore them to tears with endless details about pegged mortices, load-bearing walls, and what to look for when shopping for beadboard.


Actual nickname of President Zachary Taylor of the Whig party, and not, as one would expect, the name of a bottom-shelf bourbon. We went ahead and created a new cocktail in tribute to him anyway, the Phlip Your Whig cocktail, a potent drink featuring the classic bottom-shelf bourbon Old Grandad (which actually isn’t half-bad!)

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Actual presidential nickname of Martin Van Buren, for his bewitching interpretive dances at State of the Union after-parties. Born Maarten van Buren, he famously lost the extra “a” in his first name in a duel in the third grade. Van Buren was also popularly known for an actual second nickname, “Old Blue Whiskey” and, as a tribute to this president that we kind-sorta remember from high school, we have created an original cocktail in honor of President’s Day that pays tribute to both of Van Buren’s nicknames: a new whiskey-based cocktail, The Enchanter.

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You got it!

Yet another actual presidential nickname of Martin Van Buren, for his enthusiastic gambling on the outcomes of séances.

You got it!

Unbelievably, it’s yet another actual presidential nickname for Martin Van Buren, who had so many of them that it is fair to speculate that people simply couldn’t recall his actual name. This particular nickname alluded to his penchant for wearing wooden shoes, as well as his reputation for consistently making all the members of his cabinet pay for their own drinks.

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Actual presidential nickname of Abraham Lincoln referencing his tenure as Master of the Mystic Arts and protector of the Infinity Time Stone.


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