The ONLY Exchange worth paying for🤑

Remember when?🤔

You were sick of going to the store having to wait in line just to
find out they’re out of gas?

Waiting 15-20 minutes just to leave empty handed from your big-box
store is extremely frustrating.

How long would you wait in line?
Most people say 5-10 minutes.

No CO2 or toilet paper for you...
Again??? Seriously??? F#@%*n- A!

 Oh 2019, how we miss thou...

Well, standing in the

Customer Service line...

We don't miss that part!
and may I ask... where are your masks?

The Birds and the Bees

Having gas is usually uncomfortable🥴, but we’re used to it. We have never run out of gas, unlike other companies out there. Our Exchange Program is the bee's knees and is the solution to all of your GAS-tly problems.

Bees have KNEES?!
(we were surprised too)

How does this "Exchange"
thingy work?

There are three point five easy steps
to never running out of bubbles!

How it works.

Only 3.5 EASY steps

Ta-da... It's magic.

Convenience is king, having
the Exchange at your leisure makes
this your greatest asset EVER
to being bubbly at home. 

Don’t believe us? 

Ask the thousands of 5 star reviewers.


To get into The Exchange

for FREE!

The 60L Canister
The Soda Sensei

The Fizzy Times

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