The Burp Bundle - Only $99 - Click Me!

When you manage an exchange program for CO2 canisters, you learn a whole lot about burps.

We have thousands of exchange members, from all around the country, from all walks of life, who have one thing in common…

They don't apologize for a big juicy


Press play. We think Jimbo's got this one licked

Because when you’re burpin’, you’re slurpin’.

On a glass of harder - “hard soda”

Yummy home-made goodness

Or just something way more tasty than boring, old normal-water.

It doesn’t matter to us, but what does matter is that more people get to experience the delights of limitless bubble drinks.

Or, the gift that keeps on burping.

That’s why we made The Burp Bundle.

Be like Jimbo and get to burpin' with

The Burp Bundle

The greatest deal.

On a soda maker.

In the history of soda making.

Just for you.


One box.

Shipped straight to your door.

With our Soda Sensei machine that carbonates any tasty liquid and THREE CO2 canisters, so you never run out of bubbles.

All for $99

Which is a lot better than the $170 it would normally be.

Get the Burp Bundle.

Join our easy CO2 Exchange.

And be part of our growing, unapologetic-about-burping community.

The Soda Sense Team

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