Soda Sense Salutes
World Pear Day!

Photo: The World Pear Day Flag bearing the Latin motto: “dic, pulchre pirum habes”

The Best Ever!

Well, another World Pear Day has passed into the history books, the decorations have come down, we’ve neatly folded the Pear Flag and carefully put away the uniforms until next year. All of us at Soda Sense were delighted to see that all our hard work and sacrifices paid off as we enjoyed an excellent pear harvest, and what all agree was the best World Pear Day EVER!

Carbonate Anything.

But just because our revels now are ended for World Pear Day 2021 doesn’t mean we stop celebrating pears. No, we always honor this revered fruit for the entire month of December and throughout the year by carbonating the daylights out of it in a wild variety of delicious ways. And one of our favorite ways to enjoy the pure expression of a perfectly ripened pear is Clear CreekDistillery’s delicious pear-in-the-bottle Pear Brandy.

Soda Sense employees helping to ensure an excellent harvest for World Pear Day 2021.

Clear Creek Distillery’s Pear-in-the-Bottle Brandy

The World’s Finest Pear Brandy…

You need look no further than this brandy’s description in The Wine Bible as “…the most extraordinary eau-de-vie in America, indeed, in the world” to appreciate that no brandy on Earth is its equal, and we unfortunately still have some catching up to do to compete with Martian distilleries.

Clear Creek Distillery’s Pear-in-the-Bottle Brandy

…Deserves the World’s Finest Pear Brandy Cocktail 

We’ve put a sparkly new spin on a delicious classic cocktail that showcases the fruity majesty of those succulent “butter fruits” that the ancient Greek writer Homer called, “gifts from the Gods… and oh, how I could go for one of those tasty babies right about now.” Find out how to make The SIDECARbonation:

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