Bought your canisters with an Aarke Carbonator?
We've got you covered.

We believe the best user experience when it comes to a direct-to-doorstep refill program is for you to own 3 cylinders. This way you still have one on hand when the other 2 are being refilled and you are never without gas for your machine. That being said the only rule we have is that refills need to be done in 2-packs. Meaning you need to send back 2 at a time. 

NOTE: Soda Sense will Refill ANY brand of CO2 cylinder if you happen to own one from another brand. 

Gets delivered via Courier.

No need to schedule pickup - just get return box to your mail carrier. 

They are your cylinders - take as long as you need to use up the gas.

You only pay for what you need. You can refill weekly or annually.


I already own a minimum of 2 cylinders. Just send me the box and label and sign me up for the exchange program at no cost!

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I already own a minimum of 1 cylinder. So please just send me one more so I can send 2 back to you in the exchange program.

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Send me two cylinders as I currently only have 1 and I’d like to have 3 in total so I’m never without bubbles. 

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 We recommend three CO2 canisters. That way, you always have one FULL canister in your Aarke machine when refilling the other two.

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