Join Our CarbonNation™ and get $10 Off Your First Exchange!

Simply select the option below and checkout using promocode: 1ST_EXCHANGE_10$OFF  and we’ll credit your account $10 to be used towards your first refills.

Get 2 Canisters + $10 Off Your First Exchange!


*Shipping always included

Simply buy two additional CO2 canisters for your Soda Sensei and we’ll credit your account $10 to be used towards your first exchange when you return them for refilling.


Get an Exchange Label


Your Sensei package contained our durable, reusable two-canister Soda Sense Exchange Box and is your ticket to endless bubbles. Get a FREE return label and use the Box to mail us any two empty 60L canisters and— hey, presto! — we will cheerfully return them to you expertly refilled.

As a reminder at check out.

Use promocode: 1ST_EXCHANGE_10$OFF and get a $10 credit on your first refill.

 We recommend three CO2 canisters. That way, you always have one canister in your Soda Sensei when refilling the other two.

How it works

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