We’ve partnered with ThorSport Racing to become the primary partner of Ty’ Majeski’s No. 98 Ford F-150!

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Meet our racer – Ty Majeski

Meet TY Majeski, a native of Seymour, Wisconsin, who began his racing career at the age of nine by racing dirt carts. He clinched his very first victory on his 10th birthday, setting a precedent for a lifelong commitment to excellence. TY is a highly acclaimed racer with five ARCA Midwest Tour Championships, three Oktoberfest wins, two Slinger Nationals victories, and a 2020 Snowball Derby title to his name.

In 2023, TY is back for his second full-time season in the NASCAR Truck Series with Thorsport Racing, driving the No. 98 Ford F-150. With a commitment to excellence and an unrelenting drive to succeed, TY always strives to be the best, both on and off the track. TY is proud to partner with companies that share his values, and he is grateful to have the support of his hometown's own Soda Sense. TY's dedication, passion, and skill make him a standout talent in the world of NASCAR racing.

"My life's work has been focused on racing and competing at the highest levels possible. To be recognized as a top-tier racer and have the support of Soda Sense, a company based in my hometown, is an incredible feeling. It's an honor to represent Seymour, Wisconsin, and I'm grateful to have partners like Soda Sense who share my values and support my journey in NASCAR racing."

- Ty Majeski

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NASCAR Truck Series 2023 Schedule 

Saturday, Apr 8th

Bristol Motor Speedway

Friday, Apr 14th

Martinsville Speedway

Saturday, May 20th

North Wilkesboro Speedway

Saturday, Sep 30th

Talladega Superspeedway

Saturday, Oct 21st

Homestead-miami Speedway

We’re not your typical sponsorship

At Soda Sense, we are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability. We are excited to join forces with ThorSport Racing in the NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series, and Ty Majeski to promote our message of simple sustainability and make a positive impact on the environment through initiatives such as NASCAR Green.

Soda Sense is the only company that fills all their canisters with 100% renewably sourced, certified organic, and kosher CO2, right here in the USA. Each of their 60L canisters saves over 170+ single-use plastic bottles, and to date, Soda Sense has helped eliminate 100’s of millions of plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. Our dedication to environmental responsibility is at the heart of everything we do, and we will continue to strive towards a greener future for all

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Have Questions About Soda Sense?

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Can I get my CO2 Refill Box with any number of 60L CO2 Canisters?

Yes, but we always refill 2 Canisters at a time, so ensure you have at least 2 Canisters if you want to participate in our CO2 Refill Club. And 3 Canisters is even better!

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Simply pack up any 2 empty 60L CO2 Canisters into our handy, reusable CO2 Refill Box, fold it shut, attach the mailing label to the Box, mail the Box back to us using USPS, and we’ll send you back 2 full Canisters. Once your order is processed, we charge you the exclusive membership rate of only $20.99 per Canisters—shipping included!

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You can order as many full 60L CO2 canisters as you wish, but our CO2 Refill Club refills 2 Canisters at a time, and we recommend you have at least 3 Canisters. With 3 Canisters, you can always have 1 full Canister in your soda maker while we’re refilling your other 2, to help ensure you never run out of bubbles.

How much are CO2 Refills?

Refill orders are $20.99 per Canister - Shipping is ALWAYS free. Please note we always ship 2 canisters at a time. 

Can I send In another company’s labeled CO2 cylinder for refill?

Yes! We refill any brands 60L threaded screw-in style CO2 canisters, we just ask you send in 2 at a time for refills. That way with 3 Canisters, you can always have 1 full Canister in your soda maker while we’re refilling your other 2, to help ensure you never run out of bubbles.

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