Sensational Seasonal Sensei Sale! — Only $49!

The Burp Bundle

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Awesome Autumn Offer

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Get our soda making machine and 3 canisters of CO2 for just $99.00

The burp bundle

- Carbonate anything with the Soda Sensei
- Easy to clean
- Membership in our CO2 exchange program
- Enjoy endless soda


Get with the Program

Get automatic enrollment in our subscription program with any purchase and start enjoying all the perks of membership today:

  • Money Back "Happiness Guarantee"

  • 3 full CO2 Canisters

  • Shipping always included

  • Exchanges are 2 canisters at a time

  • Easy setup process with zero electricity

  • A Soda Making Bottle in the box

  • A Spare Bottle Cap in the box

  • Full Two Year Warranty 

  • 16" Tall x 7.5" Long x 4.5" Wide

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