Sensei Seasonal Sale! — Only $49!

The Soda Sensei Seasonal Sale!


*Shipping always included

Now the best soda machine is also the most affordable at a price so low it’s (almost) like we’re giving it away! Makes a great gift!

Price Includes:

  • Soda Sensei home soda machine
  • BPA free bottle with carbonation preserving cap
  • One 60L CO2 canister

Everything you need to enjoy Endless Bubbles!

Sensei Libations in

Milk Week Drinks
Happy National Milk Week Try Both Recipes Vanilla Egg Cream The COCO2% The COCO2% This bubbly delight is a (mostly) faithful reproduction of another classic concoction from those fondly remembered...
My Mom's Christmas Punch
My Mom's Christmas Punch (As dictated to Soda Sense Employee, Abby K., by her mother, Phyllis.) “Hi, baby! Glad you found my house okay.   Well, I mean… it’s just...
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