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The 60L Canister

Our Mighty 60L Canister


*Shipping always included

We deliver our powerful, compatible 60L Canisters to you in our convenient reusable Exchange Box to ensure you enjoy a steady stream of bubbles for only *$20.99 refills per canister—always with FREE shipping!

Get with the Program

Get automatic enrollment in our exchange program with any purchase and start enjoying all the perks of membership today:

  • Effortless, Endless Bubbles

  • Free Shipping 

  • Compatibility with SodaStream®* and all other major brands

  • Our money-back "Happiness Guarantee"

*SodaStream is a registered trademark of Soda-Club (CO2) Atlantic GmbH.

**Please note that while we use the same universal 60L CO2 canisters used by SodaStream®, we do not replace the polycarbonate bottles for their soda machines. Our own rugged polycarbonate bottles feature a superior locking design that works with our Soda Sensei soda machine system.

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