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How do I enroll in the exchange program?

The easiest question on the planet! 

You are automatically enrolled in the exchange program when you purchase from our website.

You'll take back anyone’s empty CO2 canisters?

In one word that answer is YES! We will take back any brand or company’s canisters. We know that “other” company doesn’t do this.

Why? That’s a simple answer; because our moms wanted us to!

I have a bunch of empty canisters from that “other” company what should I buy?

Get The Exchange Box.
You can rest assured; we will gladly exchange take those empty canisters from that “other” company and the best part... 

It's ONLY a single penny!

How am I charged for full CO2 in the exchange program?

That is a question that we spent countless hours trying to figure out. 

We knew we wanted to make the best CO2 experience that Planet Earth has to offer (and we’re not kidding). This is how it works: once you send off your package of empties and it hits the post office, you are magically charged for the fresh CO2 canisters. These are promptly sent out of our WHQ in the Midwest.

Basically, the empties you sent out and the fresh CO2 canisters pass each other in the mail.

I bought Soda Sense canisters on Amazon; how do I get into the exchange program?

Super easy.

Just hit the button and it will take you to a website page that will walk you through that process. If you have any trouble, reach out to us and one of our extremely friendly customer service folks will help you.

I'm in control of the CO2 "flow"? How does that work?

You control the "flow" because you are only charged for a new order when you send your empty canisters through the mail to be replaced. When you’re out of CO2, simply put your empties in the box and stick the box in your mailbox (make sure to put up that little flag thingy🚩). Once that magic box hits the post office, we ship out your fresh CO2 canisters.

This is when you are charged for them.

Now, that’s control. Isn’t control a beautiful thing?

Is Soda Sense an American company?

We are just boring Americans holed up in the Midwest.

If you notice the address on the footer of our website, you can probably guess the NFL team we root for.

(well, most of us… at least one of us is a Bear’s fan)

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