How to Make a Difference on National CleanUp Day

Written by Abigail Jolly
September 16, 2022 | Reading time 1 minutes

Happy National CleanUp Day!

Did you know that on the third Saturday of September, National CleanUp Day is held across the world? This effort brings people together across the globe to help start reducing litter and cleaning up their local communities, parks, trails, beaches, and public spaces.

What You Can Do To Help:

Maintaining an ecological balance is hard, but if we all make an effort, we will all be a part of making a difference in our world. You can make a difference today by joining a cleanup, finding a local event, or you can even start your own cleanup! There are so many people in your community and all over the world that are willing to help, so reach out and let’s all make a difference together! 

Ways you can help keep your community clean: 

  1. Pick up litter whenever you see it 
  2. Organize your own clean up day 
  3. Get involved with your local community center 
  4. Be mindful of how you dispose of your trash 
  5. Reduce emissions 
  6. Join your local community garden

You can also head to this website to learn more on what you can do for National CleanUp Day, and everyday!

Plastic Bottle pickup2

Together We Can Build a Better World

Change starts with action, and every little bit helps. At Soda Sense we’ve made it our mission to offer our customers peace of mind with convenient, earth-friendly CO2. We’re working hard to ensure our service leaves a positive impact on the world. Here’s just a few ways we’re doing our part:

  • 100% of our CO2 is Organic and Sustainably Sourced
  • We fill all of our Canisters in Seymour Wisconsin – reducing our carbon emission footprint
  • We ship all of our Canisters in 100% recyclable cardboard 
  • We recycle and reuse our Refill Box through our CO2 Refill Club

We thank every single one of you who take part in cleanups or do their part everyday to be environmentally friendly, you are all truly heroes!