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How to get $15 OFF your first refill

Step 1: Join the Refill Club

Join the CO2 Refill Club by checking out with FREE CO2 refill supplies below.

Step 2: Box up & mail empties

Place 2 empty canisters in provided CO2 Refill Box and attach our pre-paid shipping label. Reminder, we always refill 2 CO2 canisters at a time. Then simply mail the box to us via USPS.

Step 3: Get 2 new full canisters

Once USPS scans your CO2 Refill Box we automatically send you 2 full Canisters that same day and email you your $15 promo code!

Get your CO2 refill supplies

The Exchange Label (Walmart)

Exchange label

The Refill Box (Walmart)

Refill Box + Exchange label