Sensational Seasonal Sensei Sale! — Only $49!

The Exchange Box

Behold Our Majestic

Soda Sense Exchange Box

Our durable, reusable two-canister Soda Sense Exchange Box is your ticket to endless bubbles. Use our Box to mail us your empty 60L canisters (our canisters or their canisters, whatever, we’re not picky) and— hey, presto! — we will cheerfully return them to you expertly refilled for only $20.99 per refill, per canister — and always with free shipping!


Get with the Program

Get automatic enrollment in our exchange program with any purchase and start enjoying all the perks of membership today:

  • Effortless, Endless Bubbles

  • Free Shipping 

  • Compatibility with SodaStream®* and all other major brands

  • Our money-back "Happiness Guarantee"

*SodaStream is a registered trademark of Soda-Club (CO2) Atlantic GmbH.

How it works

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