The 60L Canister

The 60L Canister

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*Having a total of 3 Canisters helps ensure you'll always have 1 full Canister in your soda machine while we’re refilling your 2 empty Canisters. (We always refill 2 Canisters at a time.)

You Get:

  • Your Selected Number of Canisters
  • 1 CO2 Refill Box
  • 1 Prepaid USPS Return Label

  • Your next refill order will be $20.99 per Canister.
  • Free Shipping
  • Estimated arrival time within 3-7 days

*The 60L CO2 Canister is a universal standard and fits all popular soda machines except the SodaStream® Terra™ and Art™ Soda machines.

  • Refill As Needed
  • Cancel Anytime
  • No Late Fees
  • Free Club Membership
  • Shipped to Your Doorstep

Still Have Questions?

We've Got Answers!

Can I get my CO2 Refill Box with any number of 60L CO2 Canisters?

Yes, but we always refill 2 Canisters at a time, so ensure you have at least 2 Canisters if you want to participate in our CO2 Refill Club. And 3 Canisters is even better!

How do I get my refills?

Simply pack up any 2 empty 60L CO2 Canisters into our handy, reusable CO2 Refill Box, fold it shut, attach the mailing label to the Box, mail the Box back to us using USPS, and we’ll send you back 2 full Canisters. Once your order is processed, we charge you the exclusive membership rate of only $20.99 per Canisters—shipping included!

Why do I need 3 Canisters?

You can order as many full 60L CO2 canisters as you wish, but our CO2 Refill Club refills 2 Canisters at a time, and we recommend you have at least 3 Canisters. With 3 Canisters, you can always have 1 full Canister in your soda maker while we’re refilling your other 2, to help ensure you never run out of bubbles.

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