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Infinite bubbles. Infinite joy.

The Soda Sensei

BOW TO YOUR SENSEI! No, just kidding, but this is a really awesome at-home soda system that you, your family, and all of your friends will love. 

Machine +Box+1 Canister + Box+2 Canisters +Box+3 Canisters +Box+4 Canisters +Box

On-Demand Exchanges

 Environmentally Friendly

Rockstar Service

  • No shipping delays, we always have CO2

  • Exchanges are $20.99 per canister, shipping included

  • Buy as many CO2 canisters as you like, no limits

  • Join the ten's of thousands of customers who switched

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It’s super easy to setup and use, and works perfectly with our Soda Sense Exchange canisters. Go from flat to fizzy and get the party started with the Soda Sensei. 

  • Easy setup process with zero electricity

  • Compact size

  • Works with Soda Sense CO2 canisters

More Bubbly Specs:

  • One Soda Sensei - 16" Tall x 7.5" Long x 4.5" Wide

  • One Quick Release Bottle

  • One Spare Bottle Cap

  • One Removable Infuser

  • FREE Exchange Box

  • Full Two Year Warranty 

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

  • Endless Bubble Making Joy!

CO2 Refills, Forever

The purchase of any Soda Sense System automatically enrolls you in our amazing on-demand refill service.

The Exchange


How much is the Exchange Program?

Our exchange program costs $20.99 per canister (which includes shipping). 

We’d love to earn your business and think that once you try our exchange program and the super-easy system we have created; you’ll never go anyplace else for your CO2 needs

You'll take back anyone’s empty CO2 canisters?

Unlike our competitors that answer is simple, YOU BET! We take back anyone’s canisters. The best part, our system is triggered by you. When you place two empties into the exchange box and send it back to us, we send you two full canisters back. So, you control the flow of CO2 into your home and you never have to touch a computer or a smartphone again

How quickly do I get my order?

Ordering an Exchange Box takes about 5 days to arrive via the USPS and once the process is initiated. 

ALL full canisters and machines are sent via FedEx Ground and can take 3-6 business days

I'm in control of the CO2 "flow"? How does that work?

You control the "flow" because you are only charged for a new order when you send your empty canisters through the mail to be replaced. When you’re out of CO2, simply put your empties in the box and stick the box in your mailbox (make sure to put up that little flag thingy🚩). Once that magic box hits the post office, we ship out your fresh CO2 canisters.

This is when you are charged for them.

Now, that’s control.
Isn’t control a beautiful thing?

Are you ready?

Solve your CO2 problem, today!

Machine +Box+1 Canister + Box+2 Canisters +Box+3 Canisters +Box+4 Canisters +Box
The Soda Sensei
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