Soda Machine vs. Canned Seltzer Water: Which Is More Affordable?

Written by Abigail Jolly
February 01, 2024 | Reading time 4 minutes

Do you find yourself continuously running to the store to get canned seltzer water? We know that it can be draining your bank account along with your time. Many are left feeling better about their small dollar amount purchase for a case of canned seltzer water from the store, but the question is whether those people are actually saving money by purchasing canned seltzer water over initially buying a soda machine and making sparkling water from home. Let's find out who is the winner in this soda machine vs. canned seltzer water battle for affordability.

Is SodaStream More Expensive Than Cans?

sodastream vs cans

To answer plainly, no, purchasing a soda machine will always be less expensive in the long run. When broken down, you'll spend more money yearly on cans than if you had originally purchased a soda machine-- not to mention the waste you'd be eliminating.

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What is the Breakdown SodaStream vs. Cans?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index informs us that the average price of a 12-ounce can of store-bought soda or sparkling water is 51 cents. There are more than ten 12-ounce cans of soda in a gallon, and with an average annual consumption of 43 gallons, the average soda consumer consumes 430 12-ounce cans in a year. So, if you go and do the math, that's 51 cents per can, rounding to about $215/per person, leaving a four-person household spending upwards of $860 annually.

Don't Believe Us? Check Out the Math!

  1. $41.98 for 4,057 ounces of CO2 = $0.12 cents per 12 ounces  
  2. Compare that store-bought soda water, which is about $1.00/ 12 ounces  
  3. Canned seltzer water customers can see annual savings of up to $450 after making the switch to owning a soda machine at home.

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Why is Canned Soda So Expensive?

sodastream vs cans

Expanding beyond just canned seltzer water, canned soda is also more expensive in the long run as opposed to buying a soda machine. The reason that canned soda is so expensive is that the cost of aluminum continues to rise. Coco Cola, for example, announced beginning of 2023 that they would continue to increase the price of their canned sodas into the latter part of 2023. 

With the uncertainty of when the spike in costs of canned soda will subside, the wise thing to do both financially and health wise is to purchase a soda maker and make your own healthier soda recipes from home. Knowing the ingredients you put in your own soda gives you back the control of your health and also your wallet. 

What is The Cost of A Soda Machine?

Owning a soda machine is simple really, the hardest part will be pulling the trigger and clicking purchase. On average, soda machines on the market can range from $80-$150 depending on style, carbonating abilities, and user abilities. After purchasing your initial machine, the only other cost that needs to be considered is the maintenance of CO2 canister refills.

At Soda Sense, two 60L canisters cost $41.98 and can make about 60L of carbonated water on average, depending on how carbonated you want your water to be. That’s about 160 12-ounce sodas, which would cost you $80. If you purchase a soda machine for around $100, you practically make up for the cost of the machine compared to buying canned seltzers at the store! AND you also saved about 160 cans from landfills, bringing the world one step closer to a more sustainable future

sodastream vs cans

Our Sensei Soda Machine is one of the best on the market and known for its award-winning technology. The ultimate sparkling-drink maker, engineered to last and capable of carbonating any beverage. If you choose to buy a Sensei with a CO2 canister, here is what you will be receiving from us at your doorstep:

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How the Soda Sense Refill Club Can Save You Money

The Soda Sense CO2 Refill Club is our simple, reliable, earth-friendly cylinder exchange program. There are no late fees or forced return windows. You can simply box, ship, and sip all from the comfort of your home! But enough about how amazing this program is, let's talk about how it can save you money and time: 

  • Your initial purchase of 2 CO2 canisters is $60. However, if you have CO2 canisters already from another brand, you can skip ahead and start refilling!
  • Each empty canister costs $20.99 to refill ($41.98 total for 2). Refill boxes and shipping labels are always free!
  • Convenience can really be valued! When you refill with Soda Sense, you never have to worry about bringing your empty canisters to the grocery store every week. You can use your free Refill box and shipping label to exchange your empty canisters on your time, from your couch.

 There are no minimums, late fees, or unexpected payments. You control when and how frequently you refill your canisters! You are in control of the bubbles in your life.

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Now that you know it is in fact cheaper to make your own carbonated beverages at home, rather than buying them in a store, it's time to make the switch! Pull that trigger and start minimizing your canned waste and wallet waste with a Sensei Soda Maker and easier than ever CO2 exchanges. Overall, this is one of those shopping moments when the impulse to spend more, will save you more!

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