Threaded Canisters vs Quick Connect Canisters: What's the Difference?

Written by Abigail Jolly
February 23, 2024 | Reading time 7 minutes

It's time to demystify the difference between two popular types of canisters: Threaded Canisters and Quick Connect (also known as Easy Connect) Canisters. Are you wrestling with the decision of whether to go threaded or quick connect for your soda maker machine? Fear not!

By the end of this informative deep dive, you'll be fizzing with knowledge and equipped to make the best choice for your bubbly beverage needs. So, let's understand the difference between these two types of canisters.

What's the Difference Between SodaStream Quick Connect vs Regular Threaded Canisters

The difference between sodastream quick connect vs regular

The difference between these canisters is as simple as Threaded canisters screw into a soda maker and quick connect, or Easy Connect, canisters snap-in. The choice between the two often comes down to the specific model of your soda maker, as some machines are designed for one type or the other.

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How To Tell Which CO2 Canister Your Soda Maker Takes

Determining which type of CO2 canister your soda maker requires can often feel like you're trying to solve a bubbly enigma. But, fear not! It's actually quite straightforward. Threaded canisters are typically used in older models of soda makers. They have a noticeable thread structure on the top, and they screw into the machine. So, if your machine has a screwing mechanism, it's likely that it requires a threaded canister.

On the other hand, Quick Connect (or Easy Connect) canisters are the new kids on the block, typically compatible with newer soda maker models. These canisters come with a flat top and no visible thread structure. They're designed to snap into the machine with a smooth, easy action, hence the name. These canisters are as easy to connect as clicking a seatbelt.

Remember, the compatibility heavily depends on the model of your soda maker. When in doubt, refer to your machine's user manual or consult with the manufacturer. Better yet, take the Soda Sense Fizz Quiz where you can take the guesswork out of the equation, ensuring you always have the right canister for your soda maker.

Does Soda Sense Work with SodaStream Models?

Yes, Soda Sense works seamlessly with SodaStream machines. Our 60L Soda Sense canisters are fully compatible with all SodaStream models, whether the machine uses Threaded canisters or Quick Connect canisters. This compatibility allows you to conveniently and effortlessly use Soda Sense for your at-home soda-making endeavors, ensuring your sparkling water beverages are always fizzy and refreshing.

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The difference betweeen Threaded and Easy connect canisters for co2 refill Soda sense's compatability for co2 refill with a variety of soda makers Soda Sense co2 refill available for you in your home Easily exchange your co2 refills at home Learn why Soda Sense co2 refills are more compatible and more convenient than competitors

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What's the Difference in SodaStream Models: Newer vs Older

The primary difference between newer and older SodaStream models lies in the type of canister they accommodate. Newer SodaStream models have been designed to utilize Quick Connect canisters. With their flat tops and absence of visible threads, these canisters are designed to simply snap into place, much like clicking a seatbelt into a buckle. The design makes changing the Easy Connect canister a breeze and also reduces the risk of improper installation.

Older SodaStream models are compatible with traditional Threaded canisters. These canisters have a noticeable thread structure on the top and are screwed into the machine manually. You can't go wrong with a 60L Threaded canister as it still serves its purpose effectively.

Remember, the type of canister your SodaStream uses depends entirely on your machine's model. It's crucial to be aware of this distinction to ensure that you always have the right canister handy for your fizzy drink fix.

Not sure what canister your machine needs? Take the Fizz Quix for extra reassurance!

How to Tell Which Canister is Threaded vs Easy Connect When Shopping

When you're shopping for CO2 canisters, you can tell the difference between Threaded and Easy Connect canisters by their wrapping design. Threaded canisters are usually wrapped in green, with a thread structure on top visible through the packaging. They're designed to be screwed into the soda maker, hence the threaded appearance.

On the flip side, Easy Connect canisters typically sport a pink wrapping design. Unlike Threaded canisters, they have a flat top with no visible thread structure and are designed to snap into the soda maker. Always remember to double-check the wrapping color and style to ensure you're choosing the correct canister for your soda maker model. So, next time you're in the soda water aisle, keep an eye out for these color cues to easily identify your CO2 canister type!

Are Threaded Canisters and Easy Connect Canisters the Same Size?

Yes, both Threaded Canisters and Easy Connect Canisters are the same size in terms of capacity. Regardless of the style of the top, each canister can carbonate up to 60L of sparkling water. That's a whole lot of bubbles! The key difference lies solely in how the canister connects to your soda maker. Remember, Threaded Canisters have a screw top, while Easy Connect Canisters feature a snap-on top. So, whether you're screwing or snapping, rest assured that you'll be able to add that crisp, fizzy goodness to your water with either canister type.

Soda Maker Machines That Take Threaded Canisters

The difference between SodaStream quick connect vs regular for any soda maker you own

Threaded canisters have been around for a while, and a good number of soda maker machines employ this classic design. Here's a list of some soda maker machines that work with threaded canisters:

  1. SodaStream Jet: This popular model is known for its simplicity and ease of use, and it takes threaded canisters.
  2. Drinkmate: Not only for soda, but this machine also carbonates any drink, and it's compatible with threaded canisters.
  3. SodaStream Fountain Jet: A predecessor to the SodaStream Jet, the Fountain Jet also uses threaded canisters.
  4. Aarke Carbonator: This premium soda maker sports a sleek design and uses threaded canisters.
  5. SodaStream Genesis: Compact and convenient, the Genesis model also works with threaded canisters.
  6. Kitchenaid Sparkling Beverage Maker: This heavy-duty soda maker machine, created in collaboration with SodaStream, employs threaded canisters.

Always remember to verify from the manufacturer or the user manual that your soda maker machine is compatible with threaded canisters. If you're in any doubt, take the Soda Sense Fizz Quiz to ensure you're on the right track.

Soda Makers That Take Easy Connect Canisters

The Easy Connect Canisters, also known as Quick Connect, have been embraced by the latest models of soda makers for their user-friendly design. They're as uncomplicated as a click and you're ready to fizz. Here is a list of some soda maker machines that are compatible with Easy Connect Canisters:

  1. SodaStream Terra: The eco-friendly Terra requires no electricity or batteries and uses Easy Connect canisters.
  2. SodaStream One Touch: This electric soda maker offers a simple one-touch operation and is compatible with Easy Connect canisters.
  3. SodaStream Fizzi: Known for its compact and sleek design, the Fizzi uses Easy Connect canisters.

Remember to consult your user manual or reach out to the manufacturer if you're unsure about the compatibility of your soda maker. And if you're still puzzled, take the Soda Sense Fizz Quiz to make sure you're always stocked with the right kind of canister.

How To Refill Your Quick Connect Canisters From SodaStream

Refilling your Quick Connect canisters from SodaStream is as easy as pie with the Soda Sense Refill Club. You can exchange your empty canisters in just three simple steps:

  1. Order Your Refill Box: You can order a refill box directly from Soda Sense. Alternatively, you can order two new Easy Connect canisters, and we will include a refill box and your next shipping exchange label in your delivery.
  2. Pack Up Your Empty Canisters: Once you have your refill box, place your empty canisters inside. Don't worry about postage costs; we'll provide you with a complimentary shipping label.
  3. Hand-off to USPS: Hand the box over to your local USPS office. As soon as they scan your package, we immediately get notified of your new order and ship two new Easy Connect canisters from Wisconsin straight to your door.

No fuss, no muss, and no need to leave your house. You can enjoy a seamless, effortless exchange through the Soda Sense Refill Club, ensuring you never run out of fizz for your favorite beverages. Join the Soda Sense Refill Club today!

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The Bottom Line: Threaded vs. Easy Connect Canisters

Choosing between Threaded and Easy Connect canisters ultimately comes down to the model of your soda maker. Threaded canisters, with their distinctive thread structure, are usually compatible with older soda maker models and offer a time-tested, reliable option. Easy Connect canisters, on the other hand, are a newer innovation meant for the latest models of soda makers and offer a user-friendly, quick snap-in design. Both types of canisters ensure a seamless carbonation experience and add fizz to your drinks.

At Soda Sense, we provide both threaded and easy connect canisters, catering to a wide range of soda maker models. And with our Soda Sense Refill Club, refilling your CO2 canisters is as convenient as it gets, right from the comfort of your home. Embrace the convenience and joy of homemade carbonated drinks with Soda Sense. Explore our offerings today!

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