How Can I Refill My Empty CO2 Cylinders from SodaStream?

Written by Abigail Jolly
November 13, 2023 | Reading time 9 minutes

Refilling empty CO2 canisters from your Soda Stream machine is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and conserve resources. Not only does it save you money on purchasing a new canister, but it also prevents waste by taking advantage of an existing resource.

Refilling the canisters is surprisingly easy and straightforward, and with just a few simple steps, you can enjoy your favorite carbonated beverages with a minimal environmental impact.

How to Refill Your CO2 Cylinders from SodaStream

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One of the best ways to refill your CO2 cylinders from SodaStream is to join a refill exchange program. An exchange program is similar to a subscription model; unlike a subscription model, exchange programs are typically on demand.

Learn more about our exchange program.

Join a CO2 Refill Exchange Program for Your SodaStream Cylinders

Once you join an exchange program, you can easily and quickly refill your SodaStream cylinders for a fraction of the cost. This is done by delivering or exchanging empty CO2 cylinders with full ones in order to take advantage of existing resources instead of having to purchase new ones.

An exchange program allows for CO2 cylinders to be sustainably reused and delivered on demand through the mail. At Soda Sense, we make it easy for you to join our exchange program by accepting all types of 60L CO2 cylinders -- including SodaStream canisters.

Here is how our refill program works:

Step 1: Join The Refill Club

To join Soda Sense Refill Club, you'll need a free Refill Box. Once you've ordered your Refill Box, you're automatically enrolled in the CO2 Refill Club. If you don't have empty CO2 cylinders hanging around, you can purchase two full 60L CO2 canisters on our website.

Step 2: Box Up & Mail Empties

Once you receive your Refill Box, place your 2 empty Canisters in provided CO2 Refill Box and attach our complimentary shipping label. Reminder, we always refill 2 CO2 canisters at a time. Then simply mail the box to us via USPS*.

*Either hand to your USPS carrier or drop in mailbox.

Step 3: Get 2 New Refills

Once USPS scans your CO2 Refill Box, we automatically create a new order and send you 2 full Canisters that same day! No need to log onto our website and create a new order. Our system automatically sends you full Canisters when you mail us your empty ones.

4 Reasons Why You Should Refill Your Empty CO2 Canisters

Before we plunge into the depth of the four compelling reasons to refill your empty CO2 canisters, let's take a brief detour. Imagine a world where every soda lover is a mini eco-warrior, armed not with placards and protest chants, but with refillable CO2 canisters. Sounds empowering, doesn't it? Adopting this mindset isn't just great for your wallet, it's a small, fizzy step towards a sustainable future. So, strap in, and prepare to pop the cap on your carbonated consciousness. Here's why you should start exchanging and refilling your empty CO2 canisters today:

1. You Save Money

Refilling your CO2 canisters is much more cost effective than purchasing new ones each time. Depending on the size of your Soda Stream machine, you may be able to fill up multiple canisters for the same price as a single replacement.

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2. You Reduce Waste

Many carbon dioxide canisters are recyclable, but they still take up valuable resources in the recycling process. By refilling them, you prevent the need for those resources and reduce waste product.

3. You Conserve Energy

Reusing your empty canisters reduces the amount of energy needed to produce a new one from scratch. In other words, reusing an existing resource takes less energy than producing new resources.

4. You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Refilling your carbon dioxide canisters decreases the amount of emissions being released into the atmosphere during manufacturing and shipping processes. This helps to protect our planet from further damage caused by global warming and climate change.

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Can I Refill My SodaStream CO2 Myself at Home?

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Refilling your CO2 canisters at home may seem like a good way to save money and reduce waste, but it is important to understand the risks involved. While refilling your canisters yourself can be done safely if you follow some basic safety guidelines, there is still a risk of injury or accidental exposure to toxic materials. 

The primary risk involves handling carbon dioxide in large quantities. The gas can be hazardous if inhaled in high concentrations and can cause headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea and even unconsciousness when exposed to extreme levels. To ensure your own safety while refilling your CO2 canisters, always make sure that you are wearing proper protective gear such as gloves and a face mask. Additionally, make sure that you are working in a well-ventilated area with no open flames or sparks present.

Another concern when refilling your CO2 canisters at home is ensuring that the equipment used for the job is safe and appropriate for the task. It is important to use only certified parts and components that have been specifically designed for filling carbon dioxide cylinders. Additionally, all connections should be securely fastened before any pressurizing activities take place. Improperly secured connections could result in dangerous leaks or explosions.

Finally, when refilling CO2 canisters at home it is important to keep an eye on the pressure levels of the container throughout the process so as not to exceed maximum recommended levels. If too much pressure builds up inside of the cylinder during refilling there could be a risk of explosion or structural damage—both of which could result in serious injury or death if not handled properly.

While there are certain risks associated with refilling carbon dioxide containers at home, these risks are greatly minimized by following safe practices and using quality parts from reputable vendors. Before attempting any pressurizing activities at home, make sure you have properly researched how to do so safely and securely in order to prevent any unnecessary incidents from occurring. Taking these precautions will help ensure both your own safety as well as that of those around you when handling pressurized gases like carbon dioxide!

Why You Should Get Your CO2 Refill Professionally

If you’re still unsure about the safety of refilling your CO2 canisters at home, it is highly recommended that you get them filled professionally. Professional refillers will ensure that your cylinders are safely and securely pressurized in a controlled environment with all necessary safety measures in place. This eliminates the risk of potential accidents or injuries, which could occur when inexperienced individuals attempt to refill their own carbon dioxide canisters at home.

Professional refillers also have access to specialized equipment that allows for more accurate and precise measurements than what is available to most people who are attempting to fill their canisters at home. This ensures that they will be able to accurately measure the pressure of the container throughout the entire process as well as being able to identify any leaks or other issues that could cause dangerous situations during the refilling process.

Additionally, professional refillers are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of CO2 canister refilling and will make sure that your cylinders are properly filled according to industry standards. They also have access to a variety of high-quality tank parts and components which will help ensure that your cylinder is safely pressurized without any risk of explosion or damage.

Ultimately, while it is possible to refill your own CO2 canisters at home with some knowledge and adherence to safety guidelines, doing so may not be the best option for everyone. If you’re still unsure about whether or not it’s safe for you to attempt refilling your own CO2 canisters, it is highly recommended that you get your cylinders filled professionally in order to ensure both your safety and the integrity of the container.

By following the appropriate steps, you can safely refill your Soda Stream CO2 canisters by joining our Soda Sense CO2 Refill Club so you can have an on-demand supply of CO2 safely, fast, convenient and delivered right through your door!

How You Can Get Soda Stream Canisters Refilled Through Soda Sense CO2 Refill Club

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Soda Sense CO2 Refill Club takes the hassle out of refilling your own carbon dioxide canisters, ensuring that you are able to get a fresh supply of pressurized gas delivered right to your door. Our fast and convenient service allows you to quickly and easily order a refill of your empty CO2 canisters whenever you need one. We are committed to providing the highest quality products available and guarantee that each one is filled according to industry standards for maximum safety.

6 Reasons Why You Should Join Soda Sense CO2 Refill Club

Before we plunge into the fizz of the matter, let's take a moment to acknowledge the bubbles of convenience that Soda Sense CO2 Refill Club is infusing into your life. Imagine, no more DIY refills, no more juggling canisters, and no more pressurizing pitfalls. Instead, you get quality, safety, and efficiency delivered right to your doorstep. But if you're still unsure, allow us to pop open six compelling reasons why you should join the Soda Sense CO2 Refill Club. Buckle up, because we're about to take a carbonated journey that's sure to tickle your senses!

1. Convenience

Now you don’t have to worry about running out of gas and having to find a refill station, we will bring the CO2 right to your doorstep.

2. Quality

Our CO2 cylinders are of the highest quality and come with top notch safety features like burst discs and one-way valves so that they can be securely refilled every time.

3. Professional Refillers

Our team of professionals have years of experience in safely filling carbon dioxide containers and making sure that they are properly pressurized without exceeding maximum recommended levels for safe operation.

At Soda Sense, we are committed to providing our customers with a safe and reliable way of refilling their carbon dioxide canisters. With our Soda Sense CO2 Refill Club, you can rest assured that your cylinders will be filled quickly and safely without any risk of explosion or damage.

4. Cost Saving

By joining the Soda Sense CO2 Refill Club, you will get access to discounted refills and save money in the long run.

5. Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all CO2 refills so you don’t have to worry about the added costs associated with transporting your cylinders.

6. No Late Fees

No more worrying about late fees or trying to remember when your next refill is due - our subscription-based service takes away the hassle of having to track all of your refills and will ensure that you always have a fresh supply of gas.

Get Your SodaStream Empty CO2 Cylinders Refilled Now

By joining Soda Sense CO2 Refill Club, you can be sure that your carbon dioxide containers are being safely refilled by experts without having to worry about running out of gas or making a trip down to a refill station. So join us today and start enjoying the convenience of an on-demand supply of CO2 delivered right through your door!

Now that you know how to get your CO2 cylinders refilled safely and conveniently with Soda Sense CO2 Refill Club, why not give it try today? We promise you won’t regret it!

Happy bubbling! ;-)