What Are the Benefits of Drinking Sparkling Water?

Written by Abigail Jolly
May 10, 2023 | Reading time 8 minutes

The consumption of sparkling water has been increasing year-over-year.

According to the research by Grand View Research, the sparkling water market is expected expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of grow 12.6% from 2021 to 2028.

The trend in consumption may lead you to wonder if there are any benefits to drinking sparkling water, or is it just hype...

Perhaps you are someone who doesn’t like the taste of plain water and is looking for alternatives that are just as healthy as plain water.

Perhaps you are someone who drinks soda quite heavily every day and is looking to change your habit by switching to a healthier option.

Drinking sparkling water provides a similar sensation to drinking soda without added sugar and calories. You may also add flavoring to your sparkling water to improve the taste. You may see sparkling water referred to by other common names, such as:

  • Sparkling water
  • Soda water
  • Club soda
  • Fizzy water
  • Seltzer water

If you find yourself in any of these situations, you have come to the right place as we explore the benefits of drinking sparkling water.

Many people come across sparkling water for the first time because they are trying to make the switch from soda pop. And for good reason!

Soda pop is loaded with sugar, which can lead to weight gain, cavities, and other health problems.

But is sparkling water really that much better for you?

Health Benefits of Sparkling Water

benefits of sparkling water

Some of the health benefits of sparkling water include can help you lose weight, helps improve digestion, can help reduce your risk of cavities, can help improve your overall health, and can be used to help reduce calorie intake. This carbonation gives sparkling water its signature "fizzy" taste. Still water can also refer to tap water or filtered water depending on the filtration system installed in a home.

Ready to make the healthy switch to sparkling water? Join the Refill Club!

1. Can Help You Lose Weight

You're probably wondering how sparkling water can make you lose weight when it's basically just water that's made bubbly through carbonation.

What a lot of people don't know is that, according to some studies, sparkling water can make you feel full longer than just plain water because it forces the food down to remain longer in your stomach.

In addition, reducing your intake of soda pop or totally substituting it with sparkling water can make you lose weight because sparkling water is calorie-free compared to soda pop which is loaded with sugar and calories.

2. Helps Improve Digestion

Soda pop is known to cause digestive problems such as gas and bloating. Sparkling water, on the other hand, can help improve your digestion and prevent these problems.

Can Improve Swallowing Ability

Carbonated water showed the strongest ability to stimulate the nerves responsible for swallowing.

May Increase Feelings of Fullness

Carbonated water may also extend feelings of fullness after meals to a greater extent than plain water. Sparkling water may help food remain in your stomach longer, which can trigger a greater sensation of fullness.

May Help Relieve Constipation

People who experience constipation may find that drinking sparkling water helps relieve their symptoms.

May Help Relieve Constipation

People who experience constipation may find that drinking sparkling water helps relieve their symptoms.

3. Can Help Reduce Your Risk of Cavities

Soda pop is one of the main causes of cavities due to its high sugar content while sparkling water does not contain any sugar and can help reduce your risk of cavities.

The sugar in soda pop interacts with the bacteria in your mouth and forms acid. This acid then attacks your teeth and causes cavities.

So, if you are a common soda drinker, switching over to sparkling water can be very beneficial for reducing your risk of cavities.

4. Can Help Improve Your Overall Health

Sparkling water is hydrating and contains essential minerals that are good for your health. Soda pop, on the other hand, is dehydrating and does not contain any essential minerals.

It's no secret that soda pop isn't the healthiest drink choice out there. In fact, it's been linked to all sorts of health problems like obesity, tooth decay, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, receding gums, excess belly fat, joint pain, and kidney issues just to name a few.

5. Can Be Used to Help Reduce Calorie Intake

The fitness industry has been using sparkling water as a way to help people reduce their calorie intake. And for good reason.

When you are reducing your calorie intake, finding ways to still feel "full" is difficult.

Sparkling water can both curb your appetite and help you feel full longer which makes it a great tool for weight loss.

A lot of people don't know this but, according to some studies, sparkling water can be just as effective as plain water when it comes to reducing your calorie intake.

Is Sparkling Water Good for You?

A lot of people question if sparkling water is healthy to drink. Sparkling water beverages are a healthy choice and a great alternative to less healthy drink options. They are calorie-free and can help you stay hydrated, among other benefits it has for you and your body!

If you are a soda or diet soda drinker, this is a great alternative that gives you the same bubbly effect but without the health concerns that sodas typically come with.

Sparkling water is simply made by adding carbon dioxide to plain water. Carbon dioxide is a gas that dissolves in water and makes the water bubbly.

Is it OK to drink sparkling water every day?

So, we've established that sparkling water is a healthier alternative to soda pop and has many benefits. But is it really OK to drink it every day?

Yes, drinking sparkling water every day is perfectly fine as long as you don't go overboard with it. Just like with anything else, moderation is key.

Does sparkling water count as water for the day?

Absolutely! Sparkling water is made up of mainly of water and counts towards your daily water intake.

Many people find it actually easier to drink more water and stay hydrated when they're drinking sparkling water because of the carbonation which can make it more refreshing.

Sparkling Water vs. Still Water: Which is better for you?

Ever wonder what the actual difference between still and sparkling water is?

It's really up to personal preference. Some people prefer the taste of sparkling water while others find it too fizzy. Staying hydrated is key, and for many people, sparkling water does the trick. It's easy to drink more often throughout the day when there's a bit of extra fizz in each sip.

Hydration is hydration.

Sparkling water is just as healthy as still water and contains the same benefits. The only difference is that sparkling water has the added benefit of helping you feel full longer and improving your digestion.

So, if you're trying to make a healthier choice, ditch the soda pop and opt for sparkling or still water instead. Your body will thank you for it!

Can You Add Flavors to Sparkling Water?

Yes, you can add flavors to sparkling water!

There are many ways to do this. You can buy sparkling water that's already flavored or you can make your own at home with a SodaStream machine.

You can also add fruit slices, herbs, or even essential oils to plain sparkling water to give it a boost of flavor.

Do sparkling waters have calories?

No, most sparkling waters do not have any calories.

There are some brands that add fruit juice or other sweeteners to their sparkling water which can add calories, but these are usually clearly marked on the label.

If you're watching your calorie intake, be sure to check the label before purchasing or making your own sparkling water.

Switching from Soda to a Healthier Choice

As a recovering sodaholic, I used to drink soda like it was going out of style. It's such a better choice for me now to choose seltzer water, especially because I have a machine at home and I can make it at my convenience.

Why do Some People Find it Easier to Drink Sparkling Water?

It might have to do with sparkling water's slightly tart taste. That little bit of tang can help satisfy cravings for sugary drinks like soda or juice. And sparkling water is a great way to get in your daily recommended intake of water without having to drink eight glasses of the stuff!

What do We See in This Industry

Sparkling water is on the rise, and it's not just a trend. sparkling water is here to stay because it's a delicious and healthy alternative to sugary drinks. So next time you're reaching for a soda, try sparkling water instead. Your body will thank you!

We offer a 60l CO2 cylinder refill program for at home soda machines. At home sparkling water has never been easier or more convenient.

Let's Be Serious...We Are All Here for the Bubbles

According to The New York Times, more than 10,000 Americans about their drinking habits and found that we consumed sparkling water an average of 10 times per capita, which equates to about 3.3 billion servings.

WOW! That's a lot of sparkling water! So, now we know that sparkling water is not only healthy for you, but it's also popular! So go out and get your fizzy fix today. Your body will thank you for it!

We Love Our Fizzy Bubbles

At Soda Sense, we find the main reason that people love sparkling water is because of the fizzy bubbles!

There's just something about that satisfying fizz that makes sparkling water so much more refreshing than plain water. The sensation of the bubbles popping in your mouth is oddly satisfying and can help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Start Making Sparkling Water at Home

Like Neil Armstrong said, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

It doesn't take much to start reaping the benefits of sparkling water. You can even make sparkling water at home with a Soda Sense machine.

Soda Sense is an at-home carbonation system that allows you to make your own sparkling water in seconds with the push of a button. It's simple, easy to use, and very affordable.

The first step is always the hardest, but once you take that first step, you'll be on your way to a healthier, more hydrated you!

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