Why Do People Like Sparkling Water?

Written by Abigail Jolly
July 01, 2024 | Reading time 7 minutes

Why do people like sparkling water?

One primary reason people drink sparkling water is due to the activation that carbonation has on the brain, specifically the sensory pleasure centers similar to when consuming spicy food-- turning what might be a mild irritation into a pleasurable sensation.

For those who are not familiar with sparkling water, it can be confusing as to what appeal sparkling water has over traditional sodas.

Invented in 1767, sparkling water has swiftly become a beloved beverage, offering an array of flavors and brands for consumers to enjoy.

We have a few insights as to why people drink sparkling water, why they crave the carbonation, and why you should too. Feel free to find the answer you need by easily navigating our article below.

The science behind the sensation

The sensation of consuming fizzy or carbonated drinks, often described as a pleasurable pain, is a fascinating interplay between the body's sensory system and carbon dioxide (CO2)– leaving you with a craving for that bubbly carbonation.

When CO2 comes into contact with our taste receptors, specifically those designed to detect sourness, it triggers a mild acidic reaction.

This response is due to carbonic acid, which forms temporarily when CO2 dissolves in saliva. Additionally, the bubbling sensation of carbonation stimulates mechanoreceptors, the sensory nerves that respond to pressure changes.

Researchers suggest that this mild irritation is not purely discomforting but can also trigger the brain's reward system, much like spicy foods, indicating a complex relationship between pain and pleasure in our sensory perceptions.

Before you think that the carbonic acid reaction is bad for your teeth, think again! This myth had been debunked and we have the inside scoop on our latest article.

5 Further reasons why people drink sparkling water

Originating back in 1767, the rise of sparkling water took the stage thanks to Joseph Priestly. Soda was invented due to the discovery of carbonated water itself.

Even though we know why people like to drink sparkling water, there are a variety of reasons why they drink sparkling water regularly.

We have collected 5 reasons why people drink sparkling water over regular water to fully understand the craze around this bubbly beverage:

1. Sparkling water is a great alternative to still water

Many individuals find that sparkling water provides an added texture that regular still or flat water does not. At the end of the day, sparkling water is only filtered water that has been infused with carbon dioxide.

Some similar waters that are carbonated are:

  • Seltzer
  • Soda water
  • Club soda
  • Tonic water
  • Sparkling mineral water

Whichever carbonated water you prefer, sparkling water is a great way to quench that need for fizz while still receiving all the benefits of consuming filtered water.

Read more about the differences between Sparkling Water VS Seltzer VS Club Soda VS Tonic Water.

2. Sparkling water is versatile

A big reason why people are drinking sparkling water and ditching sodas is because it is so versatile. Sparkling water can be made to suit individual tastes that range from fruit-based, syrup-based, or even cocktail-based!

Homemade sparkling water is especially a great way to get creative and create different flavors and combinations. Using a soda maker at home that has a removable head opens the door to a large variety of flavor options.

why do people like sparkling water

3. Sparkling water is a healthier alternative to soda

Lots of people drink sparkling water in an effort to consume fewer sodas. Traditional sodas contain high amounts of sugar and artificial flavoring, while sparkling water contains natural ingredients with zero added sugar.

Sparkling water is lower in calories, even plain sparkling water contains zero calories, whereas soda typically has between 100-150 calories per serving.

Consuming sparkling water over soda hydrates the body better as sparkling water is just carbonated filtered water. A can of soda can actually leave you more dehydrated than anything else as the caffeine found in many sodas is a diuretic.

Not to mention the high levels of sodium and sugar in soda can also be a factor that leads to dehydration. If you are a common soda drinker, switching over to sparkling water can be very beneficial for reducing your risk of cavities.

Learn more about the benefits of drinking sparkling water as some of them may surprise you!

4. Individuals with high activity levels can benefit greatly from drinking sparkling water

Many people who are active drink sparkling water because carbon dioxide can help the body absorb and process fluids better than still water.

This means that when drinking sparkling water, your body is able to replenish itself easier and faster than when drinking still water. Sparkling water is absorbed quicker into the body and also aids in faster recovery after a workout or competitive event.

The electrolytes found in certain sparkling water brands can also help athletes recover from their workouts as they provide energy for muscles, nerves, and other tissues throughout the body.

A great way to naturally replenish electrolytes at home is to infuse your sparkling water with fruits like lemons or oranges.

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5. Sparkling water can aid digestion

A big reason why people drink sparkling water is due to its potential to aid digestion. For many individuals, the bubbles in carbonated water can help alleviate abdominal discomfort, such as bloating or indigestion, by prompting burping which in turn reduces stomach gas.

Instead of reaching for a can of ginger ale, many find that sparkling water does the trick and keeps harmful additives and sugars at bay that may increase irritability in the digestive system.

As with any dietary shift, it's recommended to observe how your body responds to sparkling water and moderate intake accordingly.

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why do i crave carbonation

Benefits of sparkling water

As we've briefly touched on in the previous sections, carbonated water boasts several benefits that make it a favorable choice for many individuals. To provide a quick go-to overview of the benefits of carbonated water, we've gathered the top benefits of this fizzy beverage below:

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Does carbonated water make you dehydrated?

No, carbonated water does not make you dehydrated. It is simply water infused with carbon dioxide gas, which creates bubbles and gives it a fizzy texture. Carbonated water is also not a diuretic as it does not cause excessive urination or dehydration.

While some people may worry that the carbonation could lead to dehydration, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. To put it plainly and simply, carbonated water hydrates just as effectively as regular water. Myth debunked!

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Ease of maintaining home soda makers

why do people like sparkling water

Many people enjoy sparkling water due to the convenience and ease of making it at home. Some choose this method over buying at the store to minimize plastic waste, whereas others are simply sparkling water fanatics and drink it all day long.

A main reason why many individuals make sparkling water at home is ensuring cleaner ingredients. Many canned seltzer water brands contain PFAS which can lead to longterm health concerns, leaving soda makers the obvious and more health conscious choice for soda making.

Being fairly discrete and in a variety of colors and shapes, soda makers are a great accessory to any kitchen that enjoys the convenience of ready-to-go fizz.

Maintaining home sparkling water makers is incredibly easy as well. All you need is the machine, filtered water, and CO2 canisters. Your machine's canisters are the only thing that needs refilling.

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Affordability of sparkling water

When it comes to the affordability of sparkling water, the initial thought might be that it's more expensive than regular tap water. However, when considering the long-term benefits and the reduction of buying bottled beverages, sparkling water can actually be a cost-effective choice for many families and individuals.

Investing in a home soda maker dramatically cuts down the cost per serving, making it an economically savvy option, especially for those who consume carbonated drinks frequently.

For those looking to enjoy the fizz without the financial burden, sparkling water (especially made at home) offers an attractive alternative to still water, sodas, and other carbonated beverages.

Consider making carbonated water from home and take back the control of knowing what ingredients you are consuming.

Make the switch to sparkling water

The truth is, regular water gets boring very quickly. With all of the benefits that come with sparkling water, it's no wonder why people enjoy the taste and texture of sparkling water.

If you’re looking for a satisfying fizz and an alternative to soda, try your hand at making homemade sparkling water today and join the Refill Club for fast and reliable CO2 exchanges.

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